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Drum pump made ​​of Stainless Steel with the option complete drum emptying

Drum pump made ​​of Stainless Steel with the option complete drum emptying

With these stainless steel pump tube media can be disposed nearly completely out of drums and containers (ATEX approval in preparation).

With this pump tube for complete drum emptying made of Stainless Steel all neutral, lightly aggressive, dangerous andeconomically valuable liquids can be removed nearly completely out of drums and containers. Therefore these pump tubes are mainly used by our customers in cosmetic industry.

Cause of the fact that the remaining amount of the medium will be around 0.1 liters all drums and containers can be emptied nearly completely and therefore in an optimized way.

Further more there will be no additional costs or time required for emptying drums and containers in another way.

Easy to use and clean
By using the handle below the hand wheel before the drum pump motor will be switched off the pump tube will be closed at the end. Therefore the medium that would normally flow back inside the drum or container can not flow back and will stay inside the pump tube.

The pump tube can be disassembled in a few steps and this procedure can be done without the use of any special tools. If the pump tube is completely disassembled it can be cleaned in any easy way.

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