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Pura Undersink Drinking Water Units

Pura UV1

1 gallon per minute capacity. Lamp power usage: 10 watts. Single undersink unit with extended pass carbon block filter.

The Pura UV1-EPCB (UV001) is a single-canister undersink unit with Pura’s “extended pass” carbon block filter. It’s a drinking water filter with a one gallon per minute disinfection capacity. It is capable of serious chemical reduction as well as purification. The 0.5 micron carbon block filter is tight enough to assure cyst removal.


Small UV Systems

The Pura UV-1 EPCB is a unique unit that consists of a single slimline housing that holds a UV lamp inside Pura’s exclusive “extended pass” 1/2 micron carbon block filter. It’s a great single-pass treatment for removal of bacteria and cysts as well as chemical contaminants.

The other undersink filters are part of the two gallon per minute UVB series. UVBs use heavier vessels and feature the combination of sediment and carbon filtration as well as ultraviolet purification.

Pura UV-1

The UV-1EPCB unit (above) is available in a single-canister format only. It treats up to one gallon-per-minute, removes cysts (with the optional 0.5 micron filter), and provides excellent chemical reduction.

UV001 Pura UV-1 EPCB

A single slimline undersink vessel with Pura’s Extended Pass Carbon Block filter (0.5 micron or optional 10.0 micron) and UV lamp. This unit is rated for cyst removal with 0.5 Micron EPCB cartridge only.

Maximum Flow : 1 gallon/min.
Replacement Lamp Size #: 10
Lamp Power Usage: 10 watts
Replacement sleeve #: 10
Voltage: 120 volt 60 Hz.
Height: 13.5"
Width: 5"
Depth: 5"
Port Size (FIP inlet & outlet): 1/2"
UV Exposure: 16,000 MWS/cm²
Filter Cartridge Replacement: EPCB 0.5 Micron or EPCB 10.0 Micron.
Power: Standard Voltage: 120 volt 60 Hz
220 & 12 volt units available here


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