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The AquaMatic Y-pattern diaphragm valve, with large seat opening and high lift disc, permits greater flows at lower pressure loss than any comparable valve. Positive control action is achieved, either hydraulically or pneumatically, without the aid of springs. Components are serviceable while the valve is in line. These valves are available in both metal and thermoplastic materials, and are ideal for fluid treatments and handling systems.

  • Lowest pressure loss
    Y pattern permits higher flows at lower pressure loss than any comparable valve.

  • Positive control
    Separate flow and control chambers permit positive closing without springs; and only nominal cost for spring assist opening for low pressure and self-draining considerations.

  • Cost effective
    Both initially and in lifetime maintenance.

  • Extended diaphragm life
    Separate chamber protects diaphragm from flow stream; allows replacement without disrupting service. Preformed, stress-relieved diaphragm minimizes fatigue, maximizes valve responsiveness and diaphragm lifetime.

  • Durable
    Cast iron, brass, bronze, stainless steel, and engineering thermoplastic components. Average maintenance-free life of three to five years and longer dependent upon cycling rate and environment.

  • Design/application engineering service

  • Optional seal and diaphragm materials for special applications

  • Handles liquids or gases

  • Adaptable to a variety of control devices

  • Optional adjustable flow rate control

  • Optional spring assist

  • Optional position indication

The diaphragm valves are available in both metal and thermoplastic materials-each with a variety of design configurations and features that meet hundreds of fluid property and control requirements:

Standard, metal body valves
High pressure valves
Standard, plastic body valves
Solenoid operated valves
Float operated valves
High temperature valves (Isolated bonnet)

Drip-Tight Closing: Closure is obtained by directing line pressure or equivalent independent pressure into the upper chamber. This pressure on the large diaphragm area causes the valve disc to seal against the seat (ratio of diaphragm to disc area is 1.3 or greater). Full Open Operations: When closing pressure in upper chamber is relieved by venting the pilot line, the valve opens, positively, by line pressure on the disc.

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