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Hand pump

Hand operated pump:


Delivery heigth

4 m


Delivery rate

0,3 - 0,45 l/stroke


150 mPas


Pump tube

PP/ steel


Tube diameter

40 mm


Tube length

340 - 900 mm


Samples of liquids:

JESSBERGER hand pump JP-03 can be used in a wide range such as handycraft, industry, cosmetic, agricultur, catering trade, etc. Therefore the pump is particularly suitable for oil, diesel, alcohol (up to 50%), kerosene, anti freezing liquid, soap solutions, shampoo, water, etc. You are not allowed to use this pump for acids and lyes as well as solvents and media of the hazardous classes A I and A II !

Light weight hand pump with telescopic suction and excellent cost-performance ratio. (Please pay attention to our electric diesel- and fuel oil pumps protank 25 and 50. Detailed informations you will also find on our website.)

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