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The new IQ-series

The new IQ-series


IQ-series opened

IQ-series opened


IQ-Series - New rotary lobe pump for maximum efficiency

Why we developed the IQ series:
Because we know what industry and waste water treatment plant operators need from efficient pump technology, we developed a solution that meets the demand for "reduced cost, increased efficiency".

Advantages of the IQ series at a glance

• Pump always remains firmly screwed into the pipe during service and maintenance work
• free access to pumping elements after removing the pump housing
• equipped with InjectionSystem
• 40 % power reserve allows for larger rotary lobes and housing
• Simple and flexible installation thanks to universal connections and compact dimensions
• integrated liquid reservoir safeguards against dry running
•good suction capacity
• intelligent foreign matter handling increases operating lifetime by up to 150%


Download: IQ series flyer

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