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Sprinkler plays one of the most important rolls in firefighting, and sprinklers from Paradise have won many great international awards for its excellent technology and quality. The heat sensitive material disintegrates itself when it reaches working temperature and sprinkler will spray water to extinguish fire. Paradise has 16 different types of sprinklers. Among them, new flush type sprinkler is recognized as the most beautiful sprinkler in the world and Phantom sprinkler with its one-of-a-kind design has drawn great attention from all over the world for its quality and design.
BlazeMaster® CPVC
Formulated through chlorinated polyvinyl reaction, CPVC is the resin drastically improving the heat resistance, impact resistance, mechanical strength and pressure resistance over the commercially and widely available PVC. Developed by BF Goodrich since 1958, CPVC has been widely used for various industrial areas including construction in USA, Europe, Japan and other countries
Easy Sprinkler Package
Paradise Easy Sprinkler Package directly connects to the water supply and uses pump to pressurize the water for where the water pressure is low or water supply is frequently cut-off. This package type sprinkler system can be easily installed to multi-purpose service facilities.
Paradise History
In the 1970's, when fire industry did not even exist in Korea, Paradise made its first step to serve the human society by manufacturing products which protect lives and properties. With endless effort and passion, Paradise has continuously been developing and providing excellent firefighting products in Korea. Paradise guarantees fire safety of Korea's best-known buildings such as Incheon International Airport, Samsung Medical Centre, ASEM Tower, Tower Palace, Daejon Government Complex and Sumsung Seocho Town. Paradise also provides great reliability in Korea's key industrial facilities like semiconductor plants and display factories which are commonly known as “Perfect Space”.
พิธีรับมอบชุดระบบดับเพลิงอัตโนมัติ Easy Sprinkler System
เมื่อวันที่ 26 กุมภาพันธ์ 2556 Paradise Industry Co., Ltd ร่วมกับบริษัท ซี.เอ็ม.พี.โปรดักส์ จำกัด ได้ส่งมอบชุดระบบดับเพลิงอัตโนมัติ Easy Sprinkler System จำนวน 1 ชุด ให้กับวิศวกรรมสถานแห่งประเทศไทย (วสท.) เพื่อเป็นวิทยาทาน วิศวกร ผู้สนใจทั่วไป สามารถเข้าเยี่ยมชมชุดดังกล่าวได้ที่ ห้องสมุด วสท. ซอยวัดเทพลีลา ถนนรามคำแหงซอย 39 วังทองหลาง กรุงเทพฯ
ARO Controller
Migrate to a smart touch-and-walk-away system that helps optimize your costs and production time. The new ARO Controller creates a fully automated multi-pump system and works seamlessly with ARO Electronic Interface pumps.
Drum pump sets
Drum pump sets for acids, alkalis, oil, diesel made by JESSBERGER are the perfect assistants for a quick and safe filling and transferring or emptying of drums and containers. Drum pump motor, pump tube, 2 m medium resistant hose and nozzle were composed cause of our experience over many decades and guarantee therefore an immediate applicability and long life of our drum pump.
Drum pump
Drum pump made of stainless steel with the option complete emptying. With these stainless steel pump tube media can be disposed nearly completely out of drums and containers (ATEX approval in preparation)


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