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New release: Ultrasonic Flowmeter UL350

New release: Ultrasonic Flowmeter UL350.


1. The sensor of ultrasonic flowmeter UL350 is clamped on just outside of an existing pipe without any piping modification and time consuming installation work.
2. By adopting a DSP and an AD converters, the flow measurement has been speeded up, and the resistance to bubbles has been improved.
3. Because of the noncontact measurement method, the formation of bubbles and the mixture of metallic ion have been completely prevented.
4. Providing the following functions: Forward/backward flow rate display, totalizing display, analog output, pulse output, status output
5. Capable of controlling the flow rate with digital data by RS-485 serial output. (Forward/backward flow rate output, totalizing output, and status output by the Modbus protocol)

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