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Abanaki Oil Skimmers: HSI GeoTrans

Oil Skimmer Helps Jet Fuel Recovery System Fly

How do you recover free-phase jet fuel (JP-5) from nearly seven acres of air station groundwater under a tank farm? HSI GeoTrans, an environmental engineering and consulting firm out of Reno, Nevada, working in cooperation with a federal agency and private concerns, developed a cost-efficient and technically-effective remediation system to do just that. Innovative solutions, including the PetroXtractor® - Well Oil Skimmer , made by Abanaki Corporation, Oil Skimmer Division, of Chagrin Falls, Ohio, made a difficult task surmountable.

Unpredictable site geology determined the use of a trench collection system that allowed free-phase product to be removed. Difficult geology for trench installation dictated an innovative one-pass trenching system which prevented collapse of the sidewalls and inflow of sand as well as saving cost during construction. Ex-situ bioremediation was used to treat the fuel-impacted soil and avoid costly hauling and disposal charges. Additionally, the explosion proof Abanaki, electric belt skimmers were used to easily and economically extract free-phase product from several recovery wells installed in each trench without the need for expensive groundwater extraction and treatment or concern for fluctuating water table levels.

The use of Abanaki belt skimmers, instead of conventional product pumps and skimmers, saved the government additional equipment costs by avoiding the use of air compressors. Using belt skimmers, HSI GeoTrans is also saving their client money by avoiding the routine maintenance requirements of other product recovery equipment. Since all moving parts on the belt skimmers are above ground to allow easy access, the government will continue to save money by avoiding time-consuming removal of downhole equipment during scheduled maintenance.

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