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FB-7000 Float Type Level Switch

FB-7000 Float Type Level Switch



FB-7000 is a series of horizontal mount type, float level switch. FB-7000 is used for level alarm detection and pump control etc. FB-7000 has a magnet coupling system for isolation between tank portion and electronics side for safety.

Short Specifications

Measuring object Liquid level or interface of two different liquids
Density range Liquid level Min. 0.35g/cm3
Two liquid interface (Min. Diff.) 0.2g/cm3
Op. pressure Max. 4MPa(within flange rating)
Option. Max. 7MPa
Op. temperature -170 to -20°C: With long fin
-20 to 150 °C: Without fin
150 to 200 °C: With alminum fin
200 to 300 °C: With long fin
300 to 400 °C: With long fin and special switch
Process connection Std. 3" flanges
: JIS5K, JIS10K, JIS20K, JPI#150, JPI#300, ANSI#150, ANSI#300

External chambers
1" flanges: JIS10K, JIS20K, JPI#150, JPI#300, ANSI#150, ANSI#300
1"SW, Rc1
Enclosure 1) Weather proof (Equiv. to IP65)
2) Flameproof (Exd II CT6)
3) Intrinsically Safe (TIIS i3nG5) (Safety relay (EB3C) will be provided.)
Alarm contacts Standard: SPDT microswitch
Opt.: SPDT × 2 microswitch
Contact capacity: AC250V, 5A / DC125V, 0.4A
Repeatability error: Less than 10mm
Material Float: SUS316L
Rod: SUS316(Option: SUS316L)
Flange: SUS304 or SUS316(Option: SUS316L)
Housing: Aluminum alloy
Exrernal chambers: CS, SUS304 or SUS316(Option: SUS316L)

FB-7000 Catalog Download

For further details, refer to the attached PDF file for the Catalog to download.

Catalog PDF

Specifications are subject to change without prior notice.

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