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Ultraviolet ( UV ) Water Filter & Filtration — UltraViolet Products sold by Pure Water Products, LLC

Pura Add-On Ultraviolet Units

Pura Add-on-1

A one gallon per minute unit. Lamp power usage: 10 watts. Simple to install almost anywhere.

Pura Add-On Units (UV002, UV003) are easily installed UV systems without any accompanying filtration. They are intended primarily for drinking water purification, but they lend themselves easily to any application where one to three gallons per minute of bacteria-free water is needed. Lamp power usage: 10 Watts



Pura Add-On Series

Pura’s nifty Add-On Series consists of two units, a one and a three gallon-per-minute system, each designed as a stand-alone UV unit or as a convenient addition to an existing drinking water unit. The Add–On-1, for example, can be easily added as the final stage to an undersink filter or reverse osmosis unit. These are compact, easily installed systems that are trouble free and easy to service. They have no filters to change and require only an annual lamp replacement.

Both Add-On units are fitted with John Guest type 3/8" push-in quick connect fittings. We offer these units online in 115 volt only, but optional voltage versions may be available, so don’t hesitate to call for more information.


purifies up to one gallon per minute.

UV002 Pura Add-On 1

Stainless steel 1 gallon-per-minute unit.

Suggested uses: Post purifier for reverse osmosis or other undersink drinking water system. Dental offices.  Stand-alone undersink drinking water purifier.

Replacement Lamp Size #: 10
Lamp Power Usage: 10 watts
Replacement sleeve #: 11
Voltage: 115
Height: 11.5"
Cap Diameter: 3"
Lamp Dosage: No less than 16,000 μW-s/cm2 or greater
Power: Standard 115 Volt
220 & 12 volt units available here



purifies up to three gallon per minute.

UV003 Pura Add-On-3

Stainless steel 3 gallon per minute unit.

Suggested uses: Post purifier for larger reverse osmosis or other drinking water system.  Dental offices. Small water vending systems.

Replacement Lamp Size #: 20
Lamp Power Usage: 22 watts
Replacement sleeve #: 20
Voltage: 115
Height: 22"
Cap Diameter: 3.5"
Lamp Dosage No less than 16,000 μW-s/cm2 or greater
Power: Standard 115 Voltage
220 & 12 volt units available here



Both Add-On units come standard with 3/8" push-in connectors (pictured at right). Simply push your 3/8" plastic or polybutylene tubing into the fitting for a tight, leak-free seal.

We provide 1/4" adapters with new units, and we can convert the fittings to elbows or provide ways to adapt to other piping arrangements.


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