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Flowmeter > O Series [0-1000]




O-1000is series of Orifice bypass flowmeter. The flow through the main pipe is by -passed by an orifice plate. The bypassed flow is indicated by small sized metal tube variable area flowmete flow measurement through main pipe.


· Economical measurement even for large size lines.
· Any flow direction of horizontal, vertical including top to bottom possible
· High press. and temp. acceptable thanks to metal tube flowmeter
· No Utility supply needed for local indication.
· Alarm contact(s), Analog output or Totalaizer are optionally available

Short Specifications

Measuring object Liquids(Viscosity: up to 3mPa·s) and Gases
(Not suitable for slurry and steam)
Flow range Liquid (Water at 20°C)
Max. 300 to 3000m3/h (DP=60kPa)
Min. 5 to 30m3/h (DP=40kPa)

Gas (Air at°C, 0MPa)
Max. 7000 to 70000m3/h(nor) (DP=60kPa)
Min. 80 to 800m3/h(nor) (DP=60kPa)
Fluid temperature -20 to 200°C
Fluid pressure Max. 1.4MPa(In case of liquid temperature of 120°C or less)
Max. 1.2MPa(In case of liquid temperature of more than 120°C to 200°C)
Type of tapping
and available size
1D·1/2D taps: 100A(4B) to 500A(20B)
Corner(Ring) taps: 50A(2B) to 500A(20B)
Flange taps: 50A(2B) to 500A(20B)
Vena contradta taps:  100A(4B) to 500A(20B)
Main orifice: SUS304, SUS316
Orifice ring: SS400, SUS304, SUS316
Ball valve: C3771BE, SCS14A
Bypass piping:  SGP, SUS304, SUS316
Bypass orifice: SUS304, SUS316
Gasket: Non Asbestos (for liquids)
NBR or FPM (for gases)
Flowmeter: SS400/SU304, SUS304 or SUS316
Local indication only / Water tight(IP54 eq.)
With Nneumatic output: 20 to 100kPa / Water tight(IP54 eq.)
With Electric output: 4 to 20mA / Water tight(IP54 eq.)
  / Flameproof(d2G4)
With Pulse output: Open collector / Water tight(IP54 eq.)
  / Flameproof(d2G4)
With alarm contact: 1 or 2 point / Water tight(IP54 eq.)
  / Flameproof(d2G4)
  / Intrinsiclly safe(Ex ib II C T5, T6)
    Intrinsiclly safe relay installed separately
Indication accuracy ±3%F.S.
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