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P-060 Series



P-060 series is the acryl molded miniature purgemeter with standardized specifications. These compact and economical meters are the best selection for the mounting on the packaged units of lot production. They are suitable for the flow monitoring and regulation of water, air and nitorogen gas.


· Compact molded body made of acryl
· One type : total length 103mm, width 22 mm with Rc 1/8 connections
  Another type : total length 114mm, width 30 mm with Rc 3/8 connections
· Alarm contact in addition to the standard is available

Short specifications

Measuring object Liquids (water or similar), Gases (air, nitrogen)
Flow range · Equivalent to water (density 1.0 g/cm3, viscosity 1.0 mPa·s)
Max.: 1 to 10 L/min
Min.: 10 to 100 mL/min

· Air and nitrogen (at 20°C, 1 atm)
Max.: 30 to 300 L/min (nor)
Min.: 0.2 to 2 L/min (nor)
Fluid pressure Max. 0.5 MPa
Fluid temperature Max. 50°C
Body and taper tube  : PMMA
Float  : SUS304, PTFE, glass, ruby
Packing  : NBR
Valve and Joint  : SUS304
Process connection Rc1/8 and Rc3/8 (Option : Rc1/4)
Indication accuracy ±5 %F.S
Alarm output One alarm contact of reed switch
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