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YP Purgemeter



YP is a compact designed purgemeter having 80mm total length and 60mm connection length. Competitive price and quick delivery are offered thanks to standardized scale range (fixed).

Major Application

General purpose. Assembling to devices

Short Specifications

Measuring object Liquids (Water:Density 1.0g/cm3, Viscosity1.0mPa·s)
Gases (Air, Nitrogen)
Flow range · Air (0°C, 0MPa)
Max. 3 to 15L/min(nor)
Min. : 0.02 to 0.2L/min(nor)
· Nitrogen (0°C, 0MPa)
Max. 3 to 15L/min(nor)
Min. 0.02 to 0.2L/min(nor)
· Water (Density 1.0g/cm3, Vis. 1.0mPa·s)
Max. 100 to 500mL/min
Min. 5 to 30mL/min
Process connection Rc1/8
Fluid pressure Max. 0.4MPa
Fluid temperature Max. 60°C
Accuracy ±10%F.S.
Material Body: SUS316
Tapered tube: Heat-resistant glass
Float: SUS316, Glass, Ruby *
Packing: FPM
Valve: SUS316
* Proper material to be selected according to the specifications
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