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Flowmeter > P-610

P-610 Purgemeter



Acryl moulded purgemeter for gas flow measurement with compact design.
Suitable for assembling onto various devices.

Major Application

Gas lines

Short Specifications

Measuring object Gases only
Flow range · Air (0°C, 0MPa)
Max. : 4 to 40L/min (nor)
Min. : 0.2 to 2L/min (nor)
Process connection Rc1/8 (Option : NPT)
Fluid pressure Max. 0.5MPa
Fluid temperature Max. 60 °C
Accuracy ± 10%F.S.
Material Body: Acryl mold
Tapered tube: Acryl
Float: SUS304/Glass, Glass, SUS316, Ruby *
Packing: NBR (Option: FPM, CR)
Valve: C3604 (Option: SUS304, SUS316)
* Proper material to be selected according to the specifications
Notes Needle valve is available.
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