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Flowmeter > P-550

P-550 Purgemeter



Although compact and light design of 150mm length, P-550 covers relatively large flow rates.
P-550 saves the required space of mounting to panel board.

Major Application

For General device assembling (Large flow)

Short Specifications

Measuring object Liquids and gases
Flow range · Air (0°C, 0MPa)
Max. : 110 to 550L/min (nor)
Min. : 70 to 350L/min (nor)
· Water (Density 1.0g/cm3, Viscosity 1.0mPa·s)
Max. : 6 to 30L/min
Min. : 2.4 to 12L/min
Process connection Rc1/2 (Option : Rc3/8, Rc3/4, 3/8SW, 1/2SW, NPT3/8, NPT1/2, NPT3/4)
Fluid pressure Max. 1.0MPa
Fluid temperature Max. 80°C (130°C in case of FPM)
Accuracy ± 5%F.S.
Material Body: SUS316
Tapered tube: Heat-resistant glass
Float: SUS316
Packing: NBR (Option : FPM)
Valve: SUS316
Notes Needle valve and Alarm contact are available.
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