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Flowmeter > Type 700/750 For Liquids Type 701/751 For Gases

Durchflussmesser Typ 785 / 786-SED-Flowcontrol


Variable Area Flowmeter


Metering tubes are available in Trogamid (PA), suitable for inert media, PVC and Polysulfone (PSU) suitable for many corrosive media. Male threads moulded onto the end of the metering tube are used for easy mounting of unions. Standard unions are in PVC-U but others are available according to the different working conditions.

The floats are available in Stainless Steel 1.4571 (AISI 316 Ti) and PP depending on flow medium and measuring range.

All the flowmeters are equipped with min-max visual flow indicators fully adjustable. In addition, the flowmeters can be fitted with min-max flow switches. When fitting the electrical accessories, a float with magnet must be installed in the flowmeter.



Technical Data

Data sheet: Download Catalog PDF

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