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Flowmeter > R-101-SR

SR Series


Glass tube type

R-101-SR is a glass tube type sanitary variable area flowmeter designed for sanitary process such as foods, pharmaceuticals, fine chemical etc.



Short Specifications

Possible flow range Ribbed tapered tubu version
Water, Dencity 1.0g/cm3, Viscosity 1.0mPa·s
Max. 760 to 7600L/h
Min. 5 to 50L/h

Wide scale range with float rod version
Max. 2.3 to 23.0m3/h
Min. 0.25 to 1.3m3/h
Meter size 10A to 65A
Fluid pressure Max. 0.68MPa (Meter size 25mm or smaller)
Max. 0.58MPa (Meter size from 40 to 65mm)
Fluid temperature Max. 120°C(Allowable thermal shock: 80°C)
Indication accuracy ±1.5%F.S.
Body tube:  SUS304(SUS316, SUS316L) with #400 Buff polishing (Inner and outer)
Tapered tube: Pyrex glass
Float: SUS304(SUS316, SUS316L) with #400 Buff polishing
Flow direction Bottom to Top
Process connection 1S to 3S IDF Clamp or Union Screw
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