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A-100 Series



A-100/700 are variable area flowmeters and consist of metal tapered and glass extension.The movement of float can be visually checked through upper sight glass and the flow rate is indicated by the position of float and the scale plate on the glass tube. Local indication version A-100 and alarm contact version A-750 are available.


·  Simple construction and cost effectiveness.
·  In addition to the standard Bottom to Top side type, straight Bottom to Top type can also be arranged.
·  Alarm contact version is available.

Short Specifications

Measuring fluid Liquids or Gases
Available size 15mm to 150mm
Measuring range Water (Density 1.0g/cm3, Viscosity 1.0mPa·s, 20°C)
Max. 20.4 to 204m3/h
Min. 0.01 to 0.1m3/h

Air (0°C, 0MPa)
Max. 641 to 6410m3/h(nor)
Min. 0.3 to 3m3/h(nor)
Fluid pressure
A-XX2 Bottom to Top side
A-XX3 Bottom side to Top side
  Upto 25A: 1.37 MPa
Over 65A: 0.98 MPa
A-XX1 Bottom to Top
  Upto 20A: 0.93MPa
25A: 0.83MPa
40A: 0.58MPa
50A: 0.49MPa
upto 100A: 0.39MPa
upto 150A: 0.29MPa
Fluid temperature Max.120°C(allowable thermal shock 80°C)
Process connection 15A to 150A JIS10KRF, ANSI#150 flange
(PVC material version: 25A to 150A JIS10KRF, ANSI#150 flange)
Material Body: STPG370, SUS304, SUS316
Tapered tube: SUS304, SUS316
Float: SUS304, SUS316
Sight glass: Heat-resistant glass (option: Acryl)
Packing: Non-Asbestos or PTFE
Indication accuracy ±1.5% F.S.
Local indication type A-1XX
(Option With alarm contact A-75X)
Constraction Waterproof
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