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M-900 is a series of Metal Tube Variable Area Flowmeters designed for small flow.
M-900 covers high temperature and pressure applications which are not acceptable glass tube Purgemeter.
In addition to local flow rate indication by a scale and a pointer, alarm contact or electric analog output is available.
For low pressure gas, less than 0.29 MPa, a damper can be equipped with.


Full line-up to cover possible requirements
Indication, alarm as well as analog output!

Compact Design
Suitable for panel mount. Also suitable for small size process lines!

Suitable for High temperature and pressure
Safety due to metal tube construction

Wide material selection
Besides standard stainless steel version, special metallic material such as MA276, Titanium are available.

Recommended Applications

· Small size industrial process lines
· Assembling onto Analyzers and other devices
· High press. purging
· Others

Short Specifications

Model and functions
M-90X Indication only
M-91X Indication + Pneumatic output
M-92X Indication + Electric output
M-95X Indication + Alarm contact
Measuring objects All types of liquids and gases (Not suitable for slurry and steam)
Possible scale range
For liquids (Water ) Min. 0 to 2 L/h
Max. 0 to 600 L/h
For gases (Air) Min. 0 to 60 L/h
Max. 0 to 17000 L/h
Fluid pressure
Std. Max. 9.8 MPa
   With damper type: less than 2.94 MPa
Option  Max. 19.6 MPa
    For flange connection, the fluid temperature must be within the relevant flange pressure-temperature rating.
Fluid temperature
Std. 0 to 149°C
Option -20 to -1°C (low temperature type)
150 to 200°C (high temperature type)
Std. SUS304
Options SUS316, SUS316L, MA276 (equiv. to Hastelloy C), Titanium
Process connection
Std. Rc Thread
Option NPT thread, Flanges
Output Select one of the following
· None  
· Alarm output version: Reed switch, 1 point
· Pneumatic output version:  20 to 100 kPa
· Electric output version:  DC 4 to 20 mA
Indication accuracy Std. ± 3% F.S. (5% for small ranges)
Range ability 10 : 1 (10 : 2 for small ranges)
Alarm output version: Water tight or Intrinsically safe
Electric output version:  Water tight or Flameproof
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