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MA-920 Series Intelligent, Pure Electronics Micro Flowmeter



MA-920is a metal tube variable area flowmeter for small flow measurement which has local indication with transmitting of minute flow rate of liquids and gasses.
The existing micro flowmeters generally need asignal linearizer due to mechanical problem of very minute sensing part.
In MA-920, integrated microprocessor takes care of these automatic compensation based on indevisual stored callibration data and achieves high accuracy even for small flow rate.


·  Very minute flow (upto 3L/h(Water)) measurement is possible
·  Easy-to-read digital LCD display
·  Compact design
· Safety for high press. and high temp
· 2-wire DC4 to 20mA output
·  Analog output with Exd IIC T6 flame-proof construction is provided

Short Specifications

Measuring fluid Liquids and gases (Free from solids and particles)
Flow range For liquids (Water )
Max. 60 to 600 L/h
Min. 3 to 39.9 L/h

For gases (Air, 0°C, 0 MPa)
Max. 2 to 20 m3/h(nor)
Min. 0.06 to 0.6 m3/h(nor)
Fluid viscosity [For liquids]
Meter size 1/2:  Max.2.0 mPa·s
Meter size 3/4, 1:  Max.5.0 mPa·s
Fluid pressure
Max. 2.94 MPa (Option: Max. 19.6 MPa in case of SUS316 Body material)
For flange connection, the fluid temperature must be within the relevant flange pressure-temparture rating.
Fluid temperature 0 to 120°C
Material SUS316 or SCS14
Process connection Rc Thread 1/4, 3/8, 1/2, 3/4 and 1
10A to 25A JIS 10 KFF Flange (Option: NPT or other thread, other flange than JIS10KFF)
Indication accuracy ±2% F.S. for full scale of 10 L/h or more (water)
±3% F.S. for full scale of less than 10 L/h (water)
±2%F.S. for full scale of 100 L/h(nor) or more (Air)
Range ability 10 : 1
Output DC 4 to 20 mA
Power supply DC 12 to 33 V
Indication LCD, 3 to 1/2 digits (% or Industrial unit)
Ex-proof Ex d IIC T6
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