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Flowmeter > AM-1000 Series



AM-1000 series are most well accepted metal tube flowmeters which can cover all possible requirements for flow measurement and transmission.


Full Line-up to Meet All Possible Requirements !
Indication, analog output, alarm contact(s),Integrationc.All required functions/versions are available.

Compact Design

Wide Pressure Range
150 lbs and 300 lbs rating are available as standard and higher pressure versions are also available as option.

Wide Range of Material Selection
All possible metallic materials and a wide variety of lining materials are available to cover corrosive fluids.

For Hazardous Area
Flameproof and Intrinsically safe version are avaailable. Especially, the flameproof enclosure covering hydrogen atmosphere with analog output is available. Itis classified as ‡UC T4 without barrier.

Short Specifications

Functions AM-1400: Local indication
AM-1300: Local indication + Pneumatic transmission
AM-1500: Local indication + Electric transmission
AM-1600: Local indication + Local integration + Pulse output
AM-1700: Local indication + Alarm output
Flow range Liquids: Water
  Max.480 to 4800m3/h
  Min. 15 to 150m3/h
Gases: Air
  Max. 16 to 50m3/h(nor)
  Min. 0.1 to 0.6m3/h(nor)
Available size 15A to 150A
Fluid pressure
  Max. 1.4MPa(Up to 120°C)
  Max. 1.2MPa(Up to 220°C)
  Min. 1.0MPa(Up to 300°C)
  Max. 3.4MPa(Up to 120°C)
  Max. 3.1MPa(Up to 220°C)
  Max. 2.9MPa(Up to 300°C)
  Max. 2.6MPa(Up to 350°C)
  Max. 2.3MPa(Up to 400°C)
・On request High pressure up to 200MPa for the specifications of higher rpressure model.
Fluid temperature
Metallic material General purpose Max.149°C
Available up to 250°C on request
Jacketed version 300°C
Available up to 400°C on request
Lining material Rubber Lining -10 to 80°C
Fluorocarbon resin Lining -10 to 80°C
PVC Lining 0 to 60°C
Glass Lining -10 to 110°C
Material Carbon steel, SUS304, SUS316, SUS316L and PVC
Rubber lining, Fluorocarbon linig, PVC lining and Glass lining
10k class: 15A to 150A JIS10kFF, ANSI#150, DIN#300 flange connection
20k class: 15A to 150A JIS20kRF, ANSI#300, DIN#300 flange connection
Screw connection
1.5% F.S. (2% F.S. for resin material float version),
(Opton: 1.0% F.S. Consult factory)
Output With pneumatic transmission: 20 to 100kPa, accuracy 1%F.S.
With electric transmission: DC4 to 20mA, accuracy 1%F.S
(Power supply: DC12 to 30V)
With local integration & pulse transmission: open collector, accuracy 2%F.S
(Power supply: AC100V 50/60Hz)
With alarm: 2point, micro switch SPDT
Rangeability 10 : 1
With pneumatic transmission:  Weather proof (IP54 equ.)
With electric transmission: Weather proof (IP54 equ.)
Flame proof (Ex d IIB T4)
With localintegration &
pulse transmission:
Weather proof (IP54 equ.)
Flame proof (d2G4)
With alarm: Weather proof (IP54 equ.)
Flame proof (d2G4)
Intrinsically safe (Ex ia IIC T6), supplied with safety barrier EB3C
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