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Filter > All plastic polypro model 8

Rosedale Products: The All Plastic Polypro Model 8
Excellent for use in pure, ultra-pure, and corrosive applications

Rosedale’s Generation ll polypropylene filter housings incorporate a unique one piece, seamless body that handles flows to 100 gpm. It is rated to 100 psi at 150°F, and offers excellent resistance to corrosion. In addition Rosedale has added new features:



  • All molded polypropylene construction
  • 2-inch flat face flange connections
  • Unistyle piping configuration (side and/ or bottom outlet)
  • Accepts all number 2 sized bags or 500 Series Cartridges (down to 0.5µ absolute)
  • Wide selection of cover o-ring materials
  • External cover and pres sure threads with plug
  • Hold down assembly



  • Cover vent and drain valve
  • Duplex and multiplex arrangements available
  • Leg assembly (stainless steel)
  • Pressure differential instrumentation
  • Convertible 700 Series Cartridge. Click here.


Design Details
An easy to remove cover and basket make bag change-out quick, clean and simple. No special tools are needed, and the filter is back in service in a matter of minutes. The cover threads are external, and have no contact with the process fluids to prevent product accumulation. For extra strength the cover features buttress-style threads. The housing is complete with a cover vent, drain and gage port connections. The gauge connections allow for the use of Rosedale differential pressure indicating equipment that assist in determining bag change-out. This can be accomplished by utilizing our pressure gauges, switches or Communicator options. It's versatile unistyle design, side or bottom outlet, makes piping easy in any arrangement.

Polypro Model 8

This durable, corrosion resistant design is constructed from special polymer compounds. The housing is molded of reinforced chemically coupled polypropylene homopolymer. The addition of a UV stabilizer makes it suitable for outdoor use.

New plastic model base.

Plastic model base shown above.
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