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Electric Mixer > BL Medium Speed

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BL  Model
For medium speeds (belt reducer type)


1. V-belt drive results in low noise and little vibration.
2. Small drive power can also be applied to agitation of large volumes. Considerable agitation effect and economical
3. Outstanding gland seal minimizes leaks. Models using mechanical seal systems are also available for pressure- and corrosionresistant applications.

Shaft Seal Unit
Gland packing seal system

This general seal system for sideentering mixers is simply structured
and can be easily replaced. This system, however, must be tightened
periodically as a perfect seal is difficult to achieve. When the agitator is used
for hot liquids, mount a cooling jacket to cool the gland packing.

Mechanical seal system

Use this seal system when a higher grade seal is required. Adjustment of
this system is not necessary unlike the gland packing seal system which
requires periodic tightening. An even higher grade seal can be achieved if a double mechanical seal system is used for liquids that contain slurry.






Specification Dimensions
0.4kW or more for 6-pole motor (customer order). Also, body, shaft diameter and propeller diameter dimensions increase by one rank or more. (Dimensions in this table are for gland seal type.)

• Idling is prohibited.
• The standard paint color is Munsell 7.5GY-5/5.5.
• The standard liquid contact materials are SUS304 and SUS316. Linings can also be made in various materials.
• The standard motor is a 4-pole, totally enclosed fan-cooled outdoor type.

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