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M[]S  Model
For medium/low speeds (geared motor reducer type)

This model emits little sound during operation as it is a high-precision gear unit. The desired revolution speed can also be selected according to applications such as the agitation of viscous liquids. This handy multitype model can also be used as a vertical type (MT model) if the clamp is removed and a flange is attached.






* Can be made up to 0.75kW1/20.
* Dimensions A vary slightly according to motor manufacturer.
* Paddle, 3-vane propeller and turbine impellers can also be made.
* Agitators having a gear ratio other than the above can also be made.


Specification Dimensions

• Contact your dealer when racing may occur.
• The standard paint color is Munsell 7.5GY-5/5.5.
• The standard liquid contact materials are SUS304 and SUS316. Linings can also be made in various materials.
• The standard motor is a 4-pole, totally enclosed fan-cooled outdoor type.

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