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Electric Mixer > C2T Medium/Low Speed

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C2T Model
For medium/low speeds (cycloid reducer type) (for water treatment and general use)

This model is designed to have highly applicable functions. Select the model to suit your particular requirements. A high-precision cyclo, Bayel-Cyclo and other adjustable speed reducers can also be mounted.

External Dimensions

* The agitation shaft can also be made to custom lengths. Contact your dealer.
* Agitation shafts of diameter 45 or less are sleeve insertion types.
* Gear ratios other those indicated can also be made.
* When a seal is required on a body of
mounting size 250 mm or larger, use the
C1T model.


Body Dimensions

  in the gear reducer frame No. is 0 or 5.


Specification Dimensions

• Contact your dealer when racing may occur.
• The standard paint color is Munsell 7.5GY-5/5.5.
• The standard liquid contact materials are SUS304 and SUS316. Linings can also be made in various materials.
• The standard motor is a totally enclosed fan-cooled outdoor type.

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