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A Complete Selection of Impellers A Complete Selection of Impellers


Impeller type is determined after considering rotation speed, agitation purpose, capacity, physical properties, mounting system and so on. Standard impellers and their specifications are described below for reference. The impeller itself is important as the part which transmits mechanical power to the liquid as agitation energy, and so major differences will result from factors such as shape, twist, rotation and balance. ZELLA has carefully analyzed all factors to create impellers which are most suitable for various particular agitation needs.

Propeller blade

This is the most widely used type of agitation impeller for medium to high speed rotation in relatively low viscosity liquids. It provides a high grade turbulent flow by the powerful axial flow. It is widely used in various agitation tanks and in tanks with a large capacity.


Pitched paddle blade

Featuring blades with slats at an inclined angle, this is frequently used as a low-speed, large-size impeller (often with 4 blades). It generates a flows to deliver a flow pattern with a high agitation effect. Although it is suited to the agitation of medium-to high-viscosity liquids, it is often used in large-capacity tanks with low-viscosity liquids.


Pitched turbine blade

This type ’s slats are inclined at an angle and installed around the outside of the impeller disc. During rotation, this causes both and axial flow and radial flow to be generated simultaneously, creating complex turbulent flows, and a strong impact and powerful shearing force are administered to the liquids. This type is suited to insoluble liquid + liquid agitation, forced dissolution of solids, dispersion of highly concentrated liquid slurry, and the agitation of medium to high viscosity liquids.


Anchor blade

This is used at low rotational speeds for the agitation of high viscosity liquids and highly concentrated liquid slurry. In order to clear away matter which has adhered to the walls inside the tanks, auxiliary blades (with a lining of plastic or rubber) may be provided intermittently on its outside diameter parts.


Sawtooth turbine blade

This is special impeller featuring sawtooth slats which are arranged pointing upward and then downward alternatively on the outside of the impeller disc. Since a powerful shearing force is generated, it is used at high rotational speeds for the emulsification of insoluble liquids, very fine shearing and mixing of liquid droplets, and the agitation of highviscosity liquids and highly concentrated liquid or slurry.


Folding blade

The folding impeller is designed for small mount nozzle fit into the bung of drums and bulk container, impeller folds for entry, open to large diameter when rotation.


The impeller must also be selected.
This is selected by us in accordance with the specifications provided.

(Rotational speed and blade shape)

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