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Drum And Container Pump > JP400Ex

Drum pump el

Electrical Barrel Pump:

JP-400 EX


Technical Data

Delivery head

with rotor 8 m


Delivery rate

with rotor 100 l/min

max. viscosity

600 mPas





Length from

700 mm


Length to

1800 mm


Tube diameter

41 mm






550 W



230 V



12-15 kg



ATEX 100-Ex-approved universal motor JP-400, Eex de IIA T6, splash proofing according to IP 54, motor with low voltage release, on/off switch, overload protection switch, 5 m cable without plug.


Barrel pumps are lightweight, handy and extremely powerful devices for nearly all fluid and lightly viscous liquids.




Pump tube with hose connection 1" and up to 1.200 mm also a wall hanger at no extra costs.

All physical values given are maximum values. The capacity of the respective pumps relates to water at 18°C and free flow (without hose connection). We reserve the right to make technical changes or changes in shape and colour.

For pumping flammable liquids or for use in hazardous area you can also use our pneumatic driven drum pumps.

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