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Magnetic Drive Pump > PW-X-J Series

PAN WORLD CO LTD - Magnetic Driven Pump
    PW-XJ series

.20,000Hr life expectancy of bearing.
.Zero leakage.
.Many combination of abrasion parts, O rings is avaieable to reply
    market demand.
.High chemical resistance.
.Built in safety.
    The radial bearing is unitid for one parts. Therefore easy replacement
    is available.
.Excellent alignment
    Whole abrasion parts such as spindle, bearing, mouth ring, thrust pad
    are molded into plastic part body on injection process. Theref
    oreoriginal alignment among relative parts is always kept before/ and
    after disassemble-reassemble process.
.Pull-out back construction.
.Special impeller design.
    In order to maintein original high performance under chemical or
    high temprature operation, auxiliary vanes are installed in impeller

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