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Air Drive Diaphram Pump > 1/4" PD01


Engineered To Tame The Toughest Fluids.

Our newly designed ARO ¼” Dosing & Transfer Pump is built to last with high-performance to
maximize productivity.

  1. Stainless steel bolts (more than any other pump) for leak-free operation
  2. Corrosion-resistant materials for added durability, reliability and safety
  3. 3. Internal and external manifold threads for easy installation and improved suction “not shown”
  4. Longer-lasting diaphragm available in your choice of materials “not shown”
  5. Mounting brackets that interchange with most major competitor pumps
  6. Solenoid-actuated valve* for greater control (plus PE version with time-based
    solenoid control)
  7. End-of-stroke monitoring* (integrated in muffler) to provide valuable data
  8. Infrared leak detection sensors* that immediately detect a breach of fluid
  9. Our Patented Flex-Checks™*

* Optional features to customize your pump.


9. Our Patented Flex-Checks™*:

  • Pass stringy and fibrous fluids, as well as semi-solids up to 1/8”
  • Assure positive priming and 20% higher suction lift
  • Prevent siphoning, even after pump is turned off
  • Offer 360° mounting, ideal for applications where space is tight
  • Are designed to be self-cleaning
  • Demonstrate excellent resistance to abrasive, highly loaded fluids



Tailor Your ¼” Pump To Your Application.

Whether you choose our standard ARO ¼” Dosing & Transfer Pump or add an electronic
interface, our unique, modular design lets you customize your pump right off the shelf.

* Apply to electronic interface models only.

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