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Product information

The Perfect spreading technology

When people speak of dribble bars, they are actually talking about Vogelsang. As the inventor of this close-to-the-ground spreading technology, Vogelsang is the market leader especially for high performance dribble bars with perfected technology and large working widths of 30m (100 ft) and more. To maintain this leading position in the future, Vogelsang works continuously with independent organisations to further develop and improve its dribble bar systems.
The dribble bars were tested under the harshest conditions and can be mounted easily on any slurry tank, either fixed or as a removable 4-point linkage with an adjustment mechanism.

Vogelsang's dribble bars have oustanding features.


Optimal hose layout
Due to the optimal hose layout all hoses have the same length. This avoides V-shaped start-up spreading.


Overhang compensation / pivot compensation
The flexible feeding hoses and the flexible hanging allow an optimal adaptation to the terrain.



Dribble hoses
Long lasting, sturdy and shape-retaining dribble hoses assure a constant slurry spreading. Even after years of operation.


 When driving on the road, the hoses are turned upwards until vertical, which prevents the liquids from dripping onto the street.



Extendable sidearms allow large spreading widths and reduce the transport lengths. The dribble bars can be driven in either a forward or backward motion.


Partial width switching
Vogelsang makes it possible to switch right and left, either pneumatically, hydraulically or manually. Additionally switch-offs for the individual hoses can be installed.


Model types, advantages and features

Vogelsang provides you with the perfect dribble bar system for all applications. Whether it's a self-propelled vehicle, a tank trailer or a slurry hosing network; we will build you a suitable dribble bar. Placed on the side of the vehicle or folded up completely; installed permanentely or attached with a 4-point linkage.

According to your personal requirements Vogelsang will develop and build a customised solution for you.


The high-performance,
standard solution

  • spreading widths of
    6/7.5/9/12/15/18 metres
  • high constancy in spreading
  • DropStop SwingUp
  • minimal transport widths
  • fold-up above the fenders
  • remote unlocking of the side arms

Professional technology for the toughest demands

  • spreading widths up to 30 metres
    (bigger sizes are available on request)
  • ExaCut exact distributor for the highest constancy in spreading
  • DropStop SwingUp
  • minimal transport width
  • special hydraulic system
  • fold-up above the fenders
  • suspension compensation
  • remote unlocking of the side arms
  • 4-point linkage design

Maximum spreading widths, minimum transport width


  • spreading widths of
    9/12/15 metres
  • ExaCut exact distributor for the highest constancy in spreading
  • DropStop SwingUp
  • remote unlocking of the side arms
  • may be folded-up behind the vehicle


Requirements for the efficient use of manure slurry

  • accurate metering of manure slurry discharge
  • complying to the correct spreading times
  • slurry mixing before spreading
  • exact, gentle and constant spreading with a minimal impact on the environment


Saving systematically:
Exact spreading by using Vogelsang pays itself off. Reduced ammonia evaporation and an efficient use of nutriments in connection with insensitivity to wind and constant spreading forms an optimal spreading. The seedlings are damaged less and the crops are soiled less.

The table below shows the financial benefits when manure slurry is spread with a dribble bar rather than using a splash plate or conventional spreading.





Exact spreading Added yield 2 deci-tonne / ha ~ 24 USD
Exact hose layout due to prescribed spreading widths Added yield on 1/10 of the area 0.75 deci-tonne / ha ~ 9 USD
Reduced plant soiling Reduced fungicide effect Advanatges and disadvantages balance out. 0 USD
Reduced ammonia losses Reduced N fertilisation 5 kg more N (to the roots) ~3 USD
Published by: Landwirtschaftskammer Weser-Ems (Weser-Ems Chamber of Agriculture)


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