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Product information

ExaCut - the distributor with integrated heavy object separator

The ExaCut has been developed as a decentralised distributor. Thanks to its compact design it fits into the side arm of a dribble bar or a slide-foot unit. Therefore it has a spreading widths of 30 m (100 ft) and more.
The ExaCut is popular as a central distributor because of its integrated heavy object separator.

The manure slurry enters the side inlet of the ExaCut and flows directly into the distributor housing. The rotor, driven by a hydraulic motor, distributes the slurry to the dribble hoses. The rotor is designed to rotate in both directions to prevent clogging and thus improves operating time.



The ExaCut advantages at a glance:

  • integrated foreign object separator
  • compact construction
  • excellent cutting
  • constant distribution
  • short hose lengths when installed on the side arms
  • no start-up V-spreading
  • reversible rotor
  • easy to maintain
  • 24/30/40/48/60 outlets per distributor
  • automatic knife adjustment


Replacing ExaCut parts


Pure quality:
The knives made of specially hardened steel, which have a self-sharpening effect when moving over the openings of the cutting screen and cut up fibrous material easily. The automatic knife adjustment assures optimal cutting pressure. Foreign objects are collected inside the disposal vessel and can be removed easily.



ExaCut model types: 


No. of outlets


ExaCut 24/40


40 mm

ExaCut 24/50


50 mm

ExaCut 30/40


40 mm

ExaCut 40/40


40 mm

ExaCut 48/40


40 mm

ExaCut 60/50


50 mm


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