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Product information

QuickMix - a concept with numerous advantages!

It was the growing environmental problem that led Vogelsang to design special products, e.g. the dribble bar system to address these issues. These products are continualy being improved and developed today. The most recent example is the QuickMix, which has been awarded the silver medal for innovation by the DLG. The QuickMix mixes solid materials (co-fermenters) with a liquid medium (e.g. manure slurry or fermentation remains) in one single operation. Coarse materials are shredded and the resulting suspension slurry is then pumped into a digester.

The concept:
The QuickMix, which combines the advantages of known devices, is a completely new innovation. It comprises of two toothed-conveying augers and a rotary lobe pump. Both are combined as a single unit. With the QuickMix a suspension with an extremely high dry matter content can be mixed and pumped in one step makling only one drive unit necessary.

Using a suitable feeding system, the double auger is fed with solid material (e.g. co-fermenter). At the same time, a liquid (manure slurry -fermentation liquid) is pumped in from the side into the QuickMix. The cutting teeth on the auger blades shred the coarse materials and mixes them with the liquid medium to a homogeneous suspension. By regulating the liquid the dry matter content is individually adjusted. Next the double auger feeds the suspension into the rotary lobe pump chamber, which then pumps the liquid suspension to the desired location.

Compact & easy to maintain:
Based on the proven components of the Vogelsang rotary lobe pumps, both toothed augers, which are made of a special steel, fitted on intermeshing shafts that are separate from the medium. It is designed for easy service and maintenance. All pump chamber maintenance work, including the replacement of wear parts, can be done inline without removing the unit - thanks to the QD design. Even the conveyor augers may be serviced inline if needed. At the same time, shaft bearings on two sides prevent the clashing of the augers and this ensures high performance and a long operational lifespan. This means maximum operational availability.

Example applications:
With the QuickMix various solid materials, hard or soft, fibrous or extremely coarse, may be processed into a liquid media to produce a homogeneous liquid suspension, even when using solids that pose problems to conventional mixing units.
Food waste
Animal feed
Corn silage
Straw and hay
Manure slurry


The QuickMix functions efficiently.


  • Liquid medium as well as solid material is fed into the QuickMix
  • Shredding
  • Mixing
  • Pumping

Process features:

  • The rotary lobe pump handles high viscosity and pasty medium.
  • Manure slurry or fermenting agents are cut, mixed and homogenised with co-fermenters.
  • Biogas digester is fed continuously with a prepared bio-substrate.
  • Large mixing tanks, including their mixing impellers for batch mixing, are eliminated and therefore strong smells are avoided.
  • Cutting of hard substances (e.g. hardened starch bags).
  • Co-fermenting substance that is suitable for a fermentation process. The digester is supplied evenly when compared to a direct feeding of dry systems.
  • Only one QuickMix unit is needed for multiple digesters.
  • Reversible: When reversed, both components pump the medium in the opposite direction at the same time. As a result the already mixed suspension is pumped into the filling vessel and thus removes blockage.
  • By stopping the QuickMix pump and allowing the feed pump to run at the same time, the fluid level in the hopper rises (e.g. manure slurry or fermenting agents). As a result blockage can be removed.



The Vogelsang Quick-Mix system 

The Vogelsang Quick-Mix is the only machine on the market that can mix dry and liquid materials with accuracy to control the mixture feeding a Bio-Gas digester.
The dry organic material is fed into the hopper of the double auger conveyor. The auger blades are equipped with ripping teeth.
At the same time a supply pump feeds the liquid, e.g. manure slurry, into the hopper.
The double, counter-rotating toothed augers rip the coarse matter apart and mix it with the dry substrate and the slurry to produce a highly viscous medium. The medium is then transferred to a rotary lobe pump that delivers the substrate to a digester, for example in a biogas plant.


System features:

  • A synchronised drive unit drives the rotary lobe pump and the dual-auger simultaneously. Each shaft carries one or more lobes and a conveying / ripping / mixing auger.
  • Only one drive motor is necessary.
  • Augers and lobes rotate in the same direction. The same rotating direction makes it possible to fill the dual-auger from above and the rotary lobe pump pumps upwards.


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