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 V/VX 100
V/VX 100

V 100

The Quick-Service design offers optimum accessibility. All necessary service and maintenance
work is possible on site without removing the pump.



Max. operating pressure

Rated capacity

Rated speed

Max. speed


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PfeilProduct information

You can rely on it!


The elastomer-coated rotary lobe pumps

Invented and perfected by Vogelsang, today it sets the international standards in
industrial pumping technology. It's not coincidental that the Vogelsang rotary
lobe pumps have been copied over decades.
Scientific research, initiative and innovation secure our market leadership.

Vogelsang rotary lobe pumps distinguish themselves:

  • Changeable pumping direction
  • Self-priming
  • Insensitive to running dry
  • Insensitive to foreign objects and particles
  • Compact design
  • Reduced space requirements
  • Pulsation-free HiFlo lobes
  • Flowrate in proportion to pump speed
  • Great accessibility due to the Quick-Service design

The Vogelsang rotary lobe pumps are used, if mature, robust and high performance pumping technology is required. Its range of application has no limits. Even abrasive media, acids or liquids with a high content of solids can be pumped. For every application, we've got the right materials for your application. We build our pumps to suit your specific requirements, e.g.:

  • gray cast iron GG25
  • stainless steel
  • aluminium
  • hardened and/or coated housing components
  • hardened and/or coated wear parts
  • mechanical seals, optional as a cartridge, with duronite or SiC
  • Various lobe geometries and lobe materials

On the following pages you'll find a lot of interesting information about our rotary lobe pumps.

Vogelsang's rotary lobe pumps: Pumps for everything that flows...

Our pumps work under the harshest conditions in various areas and with a wide range of media, e.g. in the areas of:

  • wastewater / sewage treatment facilities
  • wastewater technology
  • Biogas technology
  • drinking water supply
  • disposal and recycling technology
  • chemical industry
  • petrochemical industry
  • vehicle construction
  • ship building
  • paper industry
  • railways and seaports
  • food processing industry
  • building industry

PfeilPump principles

The following images show the pumping principle of our rotary lobe pumps.

0° position:
Conveying via the upper lobe.
Seal against backflow via the lower lobe.

90° position:  
Conveying via the lower lobe.
Seal against backflow via the upper lobe. 

Reverse flow:
Reversing the flow direction by changing the rotating direction of the drive shaft.


The rotary lobe pump with rubber-coated lobes is an invention of Vogelsang Germany.
As a contactless, rotating positive displacement pump, it is indispensable in the contemporary pump and waste management technology market. Thanks to the pulsation-free running HiFlo® lobes, which are highly insensitive to foreign materials and dry running, and to a flowrate that is in proportion to the rotational speed, the pump is used in a variety of new applications and industrial sectors.


Pump principle with 4-tip lobes. 

Every position of the counter-rotating lobes assure a seal between the suction and discharge side of this valve-free, positive displacement pump. The liquid gently flows, which is very important for media sensitive to shearing forces. 

PfeilLobe types / technology

Its all in the rubber    

Encasing a metal core with a rubber covering - that was not only the simplest but also Helmut Vogelsang's cleverest idea. It makes the rotary lobe pump insensitive to foreign matter and provided a myriad of possible market applications. We are working closely with experienced, specialised companies for manufacturing these lobes. Therefore these expert companies guarantee a high quality. The rubber casing is connected to the metal core using a vulcanisation process, fully covering the lobes with rubber.

The following materials are available as an
elastomeric / lobe material:
  • NBR
  • HNBR
  • SBR
  • EPDM
  • Viton
  • Werobust
  • CSM
    as well as
  • steel
  • stainless steel
  • POM

 kolben_gerade      kolben_exzenter  


The HiFlo lobes    

For a long time, pulsation severely limited the capability of rotary lobe pumps. By developing the HiFlo lobes, whose tips are wound about the axis at a defined angle, the Vogelsang engineers succeeded for the first time in reaching the pulsation breakthrough. With the knowledge of generating the right geometry and through the development of a vulcanisation process to produce a seamless "all around rubber casing", a new age dawned. Because of this innovative development, pulsation-free operating rotary lobes with a selectable number of tips are now available.
Click here for more information on the HiFlo lobes , or for information on the advantages offered by the multi-tip lobes .

The HiFlo lobes provide an array of possible industrial applications for rotary lobe pumps. Today the HiFlo lobes are standard in all Vogelsang rotary lobe pumps.



  This makes the HiFlo lobes unique:

  • Pulsation-free operation
    means a longer lifespan, reduced maintenance costs and quieter operation. 

  • Higher pumping capacities due to higher speeds.

  • Improved suction characteristics
    through reduced cavitation.

  • Self-priming up to 8 m. 

  • Higher operational pressures by eliminating the pressure spikes caused by pulsation.


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