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APL - Direct driven type - TACMINA Corporation

  • Equipped with a diagonal diaphragm that contributes to the downsizing of the pump without losing its high capacity.
  • Can transfer a wide range of viscous liquids, up to a viscosity of 20,000 mPa•s, within a temperature range between 0 to 60ºC.
  • Incorporates diaphragm protection, thus ensuring safety in case of diaphragm breakage.
Specification/Model APL
-5 -10 -20 -35 -50
Max. discharge volume(L/min) 5 10 20 35 45
Max. discharge pressure(MPa) 0.5
Transferrable viscosity (mPa•s) 20,000 mPa•s or less
Transferrable temperature (ºC) SUS, PVDF type 0 to 60ºC, PVC type 0 to 40ºC (no freezing allowed)
Connection type Flange or special type
Motor Type & supply voltage Totally enclosed fan-cooling outdoor type, 3-phase, 200V(50Hz/60Hz)/220V(60Hz)
Power/No. of poles 0.2kW/4P 0.4kW/4P 0.75kW/4P 1.5kW/4P
Weight (kg) 45 80 110
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