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Double-diaphragm (W model)

RYW2-44 model (duplex: custom-order)

Using a unique PTFE corrugated diaphragm for drastically improved durability and corrosion resistance. High-grade discharge precision also ensured.

The PTFE corrugated diaphragm used at the liquid end for improving durability makes this model ideal for manufacturing processes and water treatment where durability is required.

Water TreatmentSterilizationEnvironmental Preservation

What is the "solenoid drive system?"
Magnetic force is generated on the solenoid coil by the power circuit built into the electronic circuitry to push out the diaphragm. As each single shaft advance and retraction operation can be controlled, this means that the flow rate can be controlled to higher precision.

Demonstrating thorough rigidity, high precision, and reliability, this series of large-capacity metering pumps can be put to effective use in an extensive range of fields including the chemical and food industries, and water treatment.

The major feature of the R series metering pumps is its stable discharge precision. This has been effectively utilized in maintaining high reliability during extended continuous operation. This is a vital condition for large-capacity metering pumps put to use in large-scale processes in the chemical and food industries, and water treatment.
Another great feature of the R series is that you can select from a highly functional and safe applied product group as if you are ordering a custom-made product.
The R series provides you with a lineup of models that fully answers today's large-capacity metering pump needs.

  • High discharge precision, rigid structure and outstanding durability
  • A wide range of liquid-end materials are available to meet all kinds of liquid injection needs.
  • Up to six in-series pumps can be manufactured. (also connectable to S series)

(1) First joint
(2) Second joint
(3) Ball guide
(4) Check ball
(5) Pump head
(6) Diaphragm
  PTFE corrugated diaphragm

Ο Performance Specifications

Model Max. discharge volume
Max. discharge pressure
Strokes per minute (spm) Motor specifications
50Hz 60Hz 50Hz 60Hz
RYD1-14 12 14.4 0.5 97 117 0.4
RYW1-14 12 14.4
RYD2-14 2 × 12 2 × 14.4
RYW2-14 2 × 12 2 × 14.4
RYD1-44 43 52 0.3 73 88 1.5
RYW1-44 43 52

Ο Standard Liquid-end Materials

Double-diaphragm type
Part name Liquid-end type Pump head Diaphragm Check ball Valve seat Joint O-ring
VTC PVC PTFE Ceramic PVC PVC Fluoro rubber
VTS PVC PTFE SUS304 PVC PVC Fluoro rubber
RYW1-44 VTC PVC PTFE Ceramic PVC PVC Fluoro rubber
VTS PVC PTFE SUS304 PVC PVC Fluoro rubber

  • Do not use outside the temperature range below as this may result in failure:
      Ambient temperature: 0 to 40 ºC
      Requirement for liquid being handled:
        Liquid temperature: PVC type: 0 to 40ºC
    SUS type: 0 to 80ºC
    (no freezing allowed)
        Viscosity: 50 MPa•s or less
      Max. discharge pressure:
        See Performance Specifications.
  • This pump is not intended for pumping slurry. Please contact TACMINA if the liquid to be pumped contains slurry.
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