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Hydraulic Diaphragm (MA model)

SXMA1-014 model

Integrated type of plunger pump and diaphragm pump to satisfy the requirements of high precision, safety and durability

Excelling both in safety and in durability by the use of a hydraulic regulating valve, this pump features a high-pressure, high-precision plunger pump and a totally enclosed diaphragm pump. This model may be safely used in a wide range including the petrochemical field and food processing industry.

Chemical ProtectionFood

This highly economical and substantial small-capacity series is ideal for extensive applications requiring high-precision and durability.

This compact metering pump comes with five types of pump heads as a quick response to differing site operating conditions and pump applications. Available are models that reliably answer an extensive range of needs including injection of trace amounts, high-pressure injection, and metered injection of high-viscosity liquids or liquids containing slurry. Moreover, multiple-series pump models and pulseless models further extend the scope of application of this series.

  • Rigid oil-bath type drive
  • Available in both vertical and horizontal models for selection according to conditions of use and installation
  • Duplex, triplex, and up to six in-series pumps can be manufactured. (also connectable to R series)
  • Liquid-end materials have been specially selected to meet all kinds of liquid injection needs.

(1) Joint
(2) Valve seat
(3) Check ball
(4) Pump head
(5) Front diaphragm
(6) Operating oil (silicon oil)
(7) Hydraulic regulator
(8) Piston
(9) Piston O-ring
(10) O-ring

Ο Performance Specifications

Model Max. discharge volume
Max. discharge pressure
Strokes per minute (spm) Motor specifications (standard)
50Hz 60Hz 50Hz 60Hz
-014 97 115 2.5 105 126 Totally enclosed fan-cooled outdoor type
3-phase 200 V
0.2kW 2P
-020 195 235
-030 500 600 2.0
-014 97 115 2.5 0.2kW 4P
-020 195 235
-030 500 600 2.0

Ο Standard Liquid-end Materials

Hydraulic diaphragm type
Part name
Liquid-end type
Pump head Front diaphragm Check ball Joint O-ring
VTC PVC PTFE Ceramic PVC Fluoro rubber

  • Do not use outside the temperature range below as this may result in failure:
      Ambient temperature: 0 to 40 ºC
      Requirement for liquid being handled:
        Liquid temperature: PVC type: 0 to 40ºC
    SUS, PVDF type: 0 to 80ºC
    (no freezing allowed)
        Viscosity: 50 mPa•s or less
      Max. discharge pressure:
        See Performance Specifications.
        However, the maximum discharge pressure is 1.0 MPa in the case of PVC/PVdF (VTC/FTC models) pump heads.
  • This hydraulic diaphragm pump is not intended for pumping slurry.
    Use a hydraulic double-diaphragm type if the liquid to be pumped contains slurry.
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