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TACMINA::Products/AR Series
For injection of sodium hypochlorite
  DCLPW-Air block and
in-line automatic
air-release function
  CLPW-in line automatic
air-release function
Acrylic pump head
The transparent qualities of the pump head allow you to visually check the discharge state.
Liquid End Material
Liquid end type Pump head Joint Diaphragm Valve seat Check ball Hose
ATCF Acrylic PVC PTFE Special fluoro-rubber Ceramic Soft PVC
Performance Specifications
DCLPW series CLPW series
30R/30 60R/60 100R/100 30R/30 60R/60 100R/100
Max. discharge volume (mL/min) 30 60 90 30 60 90
Max. discharge pressure (MPa) 0.7/1.0 0.7/1.0 0.7 0.7/1.0 0.7/1.0 0.7
Strokes per minute (spm) 1 to 300


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